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Here at SUPfari Paddle Surf Co. we have some pretty simple goals in life – help you get out on the water with the best equipment to maximize your paddling fun at the best possible price! Oh, and catch a couple of waves for ourselves!


Crowded SurfKnow The Rules of the Lineup!

Okay, there you are in the lineup with a few of your buddies enjoying a sunny, glassy morning surf session. The perfect little peak jacks up in front of you with your name on it. As you’re dropping in to the wave of the day a guy out on the shoulder drops in on you and goes straight!

Obviously he didn’t learn the correct etiquette for the lineup. Here’s a good read for any surfer no matter how long you’ve been paddling the lineup.

Focus Smoothie SUPSummertime Boards are Here!

Well summer is finally here and with it our typical summertime surf. South swells are starting to roll in along with warm water and glassy mornings. The average surf we get is under head high, mushy and beach break slow, so why not match your equipment to the conditions.

“The right tool for the job?”

I’ve been riding a 9’0″ Focus Smoothie for the last couple of months and love it! It’s a carbon fiber 9’0″ by 32″ wide and 4″ thick. It snaps turns with ease and nose rides great. I love summer. We have a couple of more Smoothies waiting for you on the rack and bunch more steaming across the Pacific due to arrive in a week or so.

Reserve your’s today!


HarbourUsed Board Section

We’ve been working on a ton of stuff lately and just got our Used Board section up and running. We try to keep a good variety of used boards and paddles in the shop so keep checking back, you never know what you’ll find!

If you or someone you know has a SUP board that they want to sell bring it on by and let’s chat.

Used Boards